Asian-Pacific-Islander Symposium on KINK 

ASK 2024


Trans/a-typical, re/de-structure


Transcending typical constraints, exploring atypical land; restructuring existing structures, deconstructing unfitting chain

2024.07.27 (六) -  2024.07.28 (日)

東吳大學城中校區作楠廳 台北,台灣
作楠廳, Downtown Campus of Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

背景與目的 Background and objectives

BDSM 或禁羈 (kink) 泛指佔據一個廣泛光譜的非典型性實踐,其共同特徵為將一般情境下被認為負面或無性的情緒、情境、感官感受、或對象予以情慾化,轉化為可享受的體驗。在歐美,以禁羈作為主題或素材的學術研究在近數十年有可觀的成長。近年來,亞洲禁羈社群已有長足發展,禁羈相關符碼時常進入大眾視野,也衍生出種種值得討論、分析的議題。在此趨勢之下,建立一個讓有意進行禁羈相關研究的學者可彼此交流的平台也逐漸有其必要性。

BDSM, or kink, comprises a broad spectrum of atypical practices in which emotions, situations, sensations, or objects usually considered negative or asexual are eroticized and turned into enjoyable experiences. Western academic research of kink has grown considerably in recent decades. Meanwhile, the substantial development of Asian kink communities in recent years has brought kink-related symbols frequently into public view and raised various issues worthy of discussion and analysis. This trend necessitates a platform of exchange for kink-related researchers.


The Asian-Pacific-Islander Symposium on Kink (ASK) is an academic conference situated in Asia. It aims to support kink-related researchers to connect, discuss, and interact with each other, enhancing the depth and diversity of kink as a topic of academic study; bridge local kink communities with academia, facilitating their mutually beneficial cooperation; assemble local kink practitioners, critiquing communal evolution and surrounding trends in thought and dialogue, tethering communal developments to social events.


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研討會議程概覽 Agenda Overview

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一般票 General Attendee 


The fee includes access to the symposium on both July 27 and July 28, as well as a lunchbox on July 27.

學生票 Student Attendee


The fee includes access to the symposium on both July 27 and July 28, as well as a lunchbox on July 27.


For those registering as students, please provide a current enrollment document or a valid student ID with the current semester's registration stamp at the front on the day of the event. Generally, we verify the student ID by comparing the photo. If there is a significant difference in appearance, you can provide your real name to help us quickly identify you and expedite the process.

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For partners with disabilities who have special seating needs, please feel free to email us or message us on social media regarding seating arrangements. We will do our best to provide assistance.

【2024禁羈月】Google日曆 Kink Month GooglE Calendar

我們將2024年 7月 設定為【2024禁羈月】,想邀請同為禁羈社群一份子的夥伴舉辦本研討會的聯名活動,共襄盛舉 ! 聯名活動形式不拘,只要辦理在「2024年7月」且符合以下其中之一條件,皆可填寫表單,申請成為本研討會之聯名活動:

We declare July 2024 to be Kink Month, we would like to invite partners from the community to organize collaborative events in celebration of this symposium! There are no specific restrictions on the format of the events. As long as the event takes place in July 2024 and meets one of the following criteria, you may fill out the application form to apply for inclusion as a collaborative event of this symposium.

Inviting this symposium to collaborate with the event or sponsoring our event venues (if you have any ideas, please contact us at bdsmaskorg@gmail.com).

主辦單位與協辦單位 Organizers and co-organizers



 Kink Academic Committee



Taiwan Relationships Education Association



Taiwan BDSM Company






Department of Social Work 

Soochow University